Physical Therapy
St. Johnsbury, VT

One on One Patient care, Comfortable Setting, No Barriers To Treatment
Whether you are in pain or not, we strive to evaluate the whole kinetic chain and comprehensively help the person, not just the body. Great health doesn’t end with rehabilitation, it starts with optimization.
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Physical Therapy Services

At Strong Oaks PT, we don’t want you to be bound by the limitations of a traditional therapy model. We offer several convenient evaluation and treatment options that can work around your schedule, not ours!
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Comprehensive Health Assessment

Our exclusive Preventative health evaluation to identify issues before they become ailments. Proper management comes from accurate measurement.

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment

Full Body Evaluation and customized Treatment plan for the individual currently in pain, dysfunction, or a pre/post surgical patient.

Dry Needling Initial Assessment and Treatment

A mini evaluation performed prior to dry needling treatment. Also, helps to rule in or out the need for a more involved treatment plan.

Telehealth Evaluation and Treatment

The convenience of a remote Evaluation or follow up treatment session by utilizing modern HIPPA approved virtual health techniques.

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Client Reviews

"Just came off knee surgery three weeks ago things have not progressed as well as I was hoping. Stopped to see Dan and we talked extensively about my history after the evaluation working on a plan to build some strength back. Thanks Dan
Scott C.
Review from Google
"A truly informed, experienced Physiotherapist with a wide range of up to date expertise that allows him to look at the whole picture. An important part of his skill is his capacity to fully hear the patient. This careful listening allows him to be flexible in his approach which is genuinely patient adaptive. Would highly recommend…"
Review from Kareo

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Physical Therapy should be a choice, not a mandate. If you want the convenience of direct access and one on one treatments then you found the right place. You have already come this far. Stop tripping over Acorns on your way to optimal health, become a Strong Oak with us!
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About Us

At Strong Oaks Physical Therapy we are hoping to assume the lead on preventative health and optimization.

Whether it is by helping you shed those unwanted pounds, control your diabetes, restore your balance, or just get yourself in shape; we are ready to help.

Of course we have not forgotten where we come from and therefore we offer the best evidence based treatment methods for treating your pain, injury, or post surgical condition.

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You wouldn’t hike Everest in sandals! If you want to succeed in your journey along the path of optimal health, then you need the proper equipment to get you there. Our education and blog section help provide you with the tools to reach your goals.
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