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You should be in control of where and when you receive treatment. The State of Vermont recognizes that patients can have Direct Access to Physical Therapy services and we take full advantage of that opportunity.

We offer patients the option to be treated WITH or WITHOUT a referral. We recognize that Physical Therapy is constantly changing. It is a profession that is built off of the model of using the best current evidence to guide its practice. Strong Oaks Physical Therapy was founded on the belief that the most important person in the clinic is not the provider, it is YOU.

In order to be better, stronger, and healthier, you need to be the keystone cog in the process. Our hands are not just for healing, they are for helping. Our knowledge is not just for restoring, it is also for optimizing. We don’t just treat you, we teach you. That is how we guarantee real progress, and longer range benefits. Come see the difference in treating for optimization rather than restoration.

Dan Wheeler PT, DPT


All I can say is; it feels good to be home. I was born and raised in Lyndonville, Vermont. I left cleat marks on the football field and spikes on the track at Lyndon Institute. I took a little side trip to Burlington and liked the University of Vermont so much that I graduated from there twice. As a pre med student initially I knew that I wanted to end up in the medical field but needed some time to find the right fit. I tried to prepare my knowledge base for any of the medical professions by learning as much as I could before finally deciding on Physical Therapy.

I never grew up thinking I was going to be in this role. I never had dreams or ever said it was my goal to be a Physical Therapist, but yet somehow this profession found me. Now, this is not just a job, and it is definitely not about the money. I truly live for this. Whether it is staying up late researching new treatment options for a patient’s lingering issue, or spending hours on continuing education to stay at the cusp of new age evidence based medicine, I am here to help you.


Lyndon Institute


University of Vermont – Bachelor of Science in Biological Science

  • George Perkins Marsh 2006 award winner for Excellence in Ecology and Evolution
  • 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 Captain of the UVM Division 1 Track and Field Program

University of Vermont – Doctorate of Physical Therapy

  • Mckenzie Certificate Lumbar spine and Cervical Spine
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment, SFMA level 1
  • Functional Movement Screen, FMS level 1
  • Owens Recovery Science Blood flow restriction therapy, Certified BFR
  • Mike Reinold Blood flow restriction therapy
  • Mike Reinold Champion Performance Specialist, CP-S
  • The Ready State Mobility Course, Guided instruction from Kelly Starret (Author of the Best selling self help book, Becoming a Supple Leopard)
  • Certified Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapist
  • Dry Needling Certificate from Master Dry Needling Program
  • Total Motion Release Therapy, TMR
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take my insurance?

    At Strong Oaks Physical Therapy we believe there should never be a barrier to treatment whether we accept payment from your insurance or not. Out of network implies that we can not directly accept payment from your insurance. This means your payment option would be self pay at the clinic and reimbursement from your insurance company IF they allow out of network benefits once you submit a superbill or itemized receipt. The insurance carriers that we can currently accept payment directly from are Blue Cross Blue Shield and all subsidiaries, MVP, Cigna, and Medicare. Keep in mind, it is always wise to verify your insurance coverage PRIOR to ANY medical visit.

  • I am no longer in pain, or I currently don’t have pain, Would I still benefit from Physical Therapy?

    Absolutely! Many times the best course of action is to come in for an appointment before you are in pain to prevent issues from occurring, but it is also great to get evaluated after an issue has resolved to figure out what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Still not sure you need Physical Therapy? Then schedule a no risk 15 minute Telehealth Consult and you be the judge!

  • My Doctor has already given me some exercises, is that enough?

    Primary Care Practitioners and Surgeons have become just as good as anyone in identifying appropriate exercises to hand out for a given condition. A quick google search or youtube video can also do the trick sometimes as well! However, there is really no good substitute for proper evaluation of movement mechanics, tactile adjustments and appropriately prescribed intensity and frequency. You wouldn’t buy a house or vehicle without a viewing or test drive correct? Physical Therapists train for years to appropriately evaluate body mechanics, modify technique, and research the constantly evolving world of exercise prescription!

  • Telehealth for PHYSICAL therapy? Seriously??

    This is a great question. As of current technology limitations there is no way to deliver manual joint mobilizations, stretching, or soft tissue work through the screen. However, the majority of Physical Therapy services come in the form of education, activity modification, and customized exercise prescription which can absolutely be delivered virtually. Evidence strongly suggests that virtual services for many conditions are as good if not better than actual in clinic visits. Say you have back pain while sitting at your desk or in your car, or you have pain in your shoulder while putting away dishes. What better way to alleviate the issue than by getting a real life view of what you are doing functionally in your own environment? This way you can receive real time activity modification or movement feedback immediately. You can be prescribed exercises or mobilizations adapted specifically for home programs. Add in some remote monitoring of symptoms and exercise plans and this can make Telehealth an excellent fit for the busy professional, person with transportation issues, or post surgery/homebound individuals!

  • How many sessions does it usually take?

    That will completely depend on the outcome of your specific evaluation and the anatomical and functional diagnosis you receive. Many times an issue can be resolved or at least moderately improved in as little as a couple weeks. However, more complex issues may take months or even years to resolve. Did you know a frozen shoulder may take up to 18 months to resolve?? However, this does not mean that you will be locked in a treatment room and drained of all your money during this time. Most issues can be successfully treated with as little as 1-2x per week, and sometimes even once per month! It all depends on the appropriate delivery of services, education, and patient compliance with the plan!

  • You guys accept my insurance, so why did I receive a bill??

    This is a common question. The answer lies in the details of your policy. For example if you have an insurance plan that we are IN-network with such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, we are contracted to send your bill to the insurance company first. This happens the same day as your visit. The insurance company will then adjust the charge on services according to our contract and send an EOB or explanation of Benefits. This states the break down of the amount that was charged, the adjusted amount that can be paid, the amount paid by the insurance company and either a deductible or co payment amount that the patient owes. It is VERY important that you confirm the details of your policy. If you have a high deductible plan then you are liable for the amount of any medical costs until the limit of that out of pocket cost is achieved. If your plan specifies a Co payment amount then that amount will be charged back to you either at the time of, or after the visit.

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